Sunday, December 27, 2009



I am in super LOVEEEE with these helmets!! Do you remember when you were younger and you never wanted to wear a helmet when you rode your "bike," because they were so bulky and UGLY?!

lol. I do!! And, I've found these nice little jewels.

Uhhhhm, that white helmet. Sheesh. I cannot stop staring. It want that one and the navy blue. Both very classic styles. They are soooooo gorgeous!!!

Underneath the stylish cover is a thick stainless steel helmet. The covers are interchangeable (and, washable I'd hope). You get safety and style. I want these helmets, and several different covers.

And check out the ear warmers,

Do these ear warmers complete the look or what?! So perfect for winter days.

The navy blue "boat-look;" the preppy/classy-look. I am beyond smitten!! [Not sold in the U.S. Absolutely ordering some of these].

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

CVS Run!

I did really well at CVS today. has some really great printable coupons. $5 off $20, $4 off 3 Coca-Cola 12-packs.

My deals;

3 Coca-Cola 12-packs 3/$11
2 Special K Cereal Red Berries (12 oz, twin pack-- my FAVE cereal!!) $7.99, get $2 ECB (in theory, $3 each-- cheapest price yet!)
1 Green Bag Tag (filler/forgot mine at home) $.99

Total = $19.98
less $5 off $20 Q
less $4 off Coca-Cola Q
less $5 ECB
less $1 ECB

= $4.98 + $.54 tax = $5.52 OOP, get $2 ECB!!

Overall in theory, $5.52 - earned $2 ECB = $3.52 :) :)

The Indian man at the checkout counter was like, "You're going to make your husband very happy, I bet!" Or something to that extent; highlighting my savings and admiring my couponing strategy.

That made me smile greatly; it put a genuine smile on my face, considering I don't have a husband nor a fiance, and considering the time I spend clipping/organizing/planning... not to mention the previous not-so-great experience I had at Target (bleh!). It really meant a lot. Overall, perfect trip ;)

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Monday, December 7, 2009


This is my first post concerning Twitter apps! YAHOO!! I love Twitter. It's by far my favorite social media outlet.

Today I discovered Tweetbook [shared by @nicocoetzee].

Organize your Tweets or Tweets Favorited, as a neat little .pdf file. It's gorgeous. I love it. It's perfect. Looks just like a little loose-leaf paper booklet and a flip-through file online.

Print this off as you would any other .pdf file, or save it to your computer/USB drive (or both, like me!). The only catch is that you'd have to log in to
Tweetbook each time you'd like to "update" your tweets. It can track up to 3,200 tweets, and I'm guessing the same number of Tweets favorited.

I have two Twitter accounts and created a Tweets Favorited booklet/eBook for both accounts, because I actually use this feature, and consistently store my all-time favorite Tweets there. Those are the only ones I want a record of anyway. Twitter is a universe of PHENOMENAL ideas! Why tweet if you cannot review all of your thoughts later?

Tweetbook is a really beautiful app.
Coming from a journalist, I'm in love!

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Trident Layers Gum $.25-$.32 per pack!

Food Lion

Orig. $1.49 each
Sale $.99 (until 12/29/09)

Tearpad BOGO Q scans for full price of $1.49
Each pack will be around $.25-$.32 each + tax.

I bought 8 packs at $.25 each!! Crazy!! Grabbed a lot of Q's, with plently left for others. Tearpads will be near gum. If not, check service desk and at registers.


Search & Win

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disney's First BLACK Princess!

USA Weekend Cover Page

Oh my.

When I first saw this in my newspaper, this November 1 Sunday morning, a warm smile began within me. I love it so much. Most of us can say we grew up with Disney.

Princess Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella... and now, the first BLACK Disney Princess, whom has been named Tiana. She's gorgeous and superiorly elegantly clad. She's so beautiful!

...We're making strides.
All Things Godly, surely this is. To the collection it goes! :)

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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hm, I can totally get lost sometimes. I have no idea where this feature came from. All I know is, that I clicked on a follower's profile (from Twitter), then another link and then another and came across this jewel:

Someone would definitely have to SHOW me how to wrap this thing! Like, create a YouTube How-To vid or something, lol. It's really pretty; high-quality picture as well.

Knitwit Emma Bradbury ships from The United Kingdom, so many of her items are quite expensive (well, expensive to my liking, lol). This particular knit scarf/piece goes for around $160.

Follow Knitwit on Twitter.

Wonderful knitting resource: Vogue Knitting.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cutesy Snacksters

Ohhh, I love browsing So many phenomenal creations. Something note-worthy I found today on Etsy:

I call these "snacksters" because I'm a nerd. But, sewdarnsimple created these cute little boogers, and she calls them Reusable Baggies. Either way, how adorable and parsimonious, yet useful are these? I love them! (Of course I love them. *doh* I love everything that I post about here obviously, right? Hehe!)

sewdarnsimple is selling these cuties for a modest $6-$7 on

Not only do I love the baggie and the great solution it supplies for our kiddie, adult and snacking needs alike; I adore the photowork and the little "sewdarnsimple" patch/label is genius. The picture is gorgeous on the white background with the bright green apple centerfront. Makes me love the product even more.

...I've made it a point that whenever I'm blog surfing or Etsy-surfing, to blog about it here. I can't hog all the good stuff, hehe!!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

$4 Degree Clinical at CVS Last Week

I stopped by CVS yesterday on my way home from work to grab some of the $1.88 Dial Bar Soap 3-pack, get $1 ECB's. I also had a $.35 coupon for those... so $.53 for a 3-pack, after ECB's!

While in there, I skimmed through the sales flier and saw Degree Clinical on sale for $6! I also had some $2 coupons, so $4 each regularly priced at $9.99. SCORE! And, the coupons expire on the 25th. I got two. Good thing I stopped in, because they are not on sale this week at CVS.

Here's my deals:

1 Dial White 3-pack $1.88
2 Degree Clinical Strength $12

Total $13.88

less $.35 Dial Q
less $2 Degree Q
less $2 Degree Q

= $9.53

less $2 ECB
less $2 ECB

= $5.53 OOP + tax, get $1 ECB from Dial Soap

:) :)

We did GOOD! This stuff is so great, it works wonders for me. My new antiperspirant. I have soooo many old sticks of deo that I got for free; I must donate them!

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Dove Beauty Campaign

How lovely is this ad by Dove?
What do you see?

I see a beautiful little multi-racial girl whose identity concerning beauty, has been affirmed.

The quote says "Now I know my hair is beautiful."

Young girls and adults alike, struggle with their hair. White, black, multi-racial. It's more common than you think; you'd never know it. The kinks, the knots. The EFFORT.

I think not only that her hair is beautiful, she is beautiful just as she is. The way God created her to be. And, Dove is beautiful for pushing such a wonderful, uplifting and inspiring campaign. Advertising and media images are powerful. Young girls aspire to be like the girls they see in the magazines and on T.V.

So, why not have a beautiful multi-racial girl for an ad? She's gorgeous, and I hope that other girls can see the beauty in themselves, from this little girl.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Don't Even Have Kids!

Haha, no kids here... not even married yet. But, I'm definitely prematurely fond of children's clothing, mom + baby blogs, planning for the future and checking everything out.

Take a gander at this cute little thing I found on Etsy from SewnNatural. It's a kid's car seat organizer that just sits on the back of the passenger's side! How inventive! I've never seen one of these before. It's so smart and innovative.

Look at the cute yellow solo-duck, and the other regular ones. Hehe. Very unique and creative.

What a great way to organize the kiddies stuff. Definite score with this one, SewnNatural. And for only $45, I love it.

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Children's Dress

Yellow and blue. Very modest, feminine and juvenile alike. This one was inspiration for my logo. Thank you to SewnNatural on Etsy. Her creations are gorgeous. This is the first item I favorited on Etsy. Can't you see why?

It's so simple, yet intricately made. Delicate and girly. I'd love to have my little girl in this gorgeous getup. You can purchase this pretty dress for your child at SewnNatural for $65.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

$1 Nestle Tollhouse Baking Cookies at Food Lion 9/30-10/6

Nestle Tollhouse Baking Cookies are on sale 2/$4 this week at Food Lion ($2 each); found in the refrigerated section. Use 9/13 RP (Red Plum) $1 coupon insert, get these for $1 each!

This is the cheapest I think they'll ever be (especially at FL-- orig. priced $2.79), considering that super double coupons at HT (Harris Teeter) is not this week!

I have three coupons, but was only able to get one because they were all gone (the choco chip ones). I think it's because there are $.55 blinkies right by them that everyone is using! So, be sure to grab you a few of those as well!

p.s. if you're concerned about the recall a while back, just look for the "new batch" label! read here: Refrigerated Cookie & Brownie Dough - NESTLE

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New Look! October 2009.

I will begin tracking all of the changes that allthingsgodly goes through, including the different looks! So, I hope you enjoy this new look, which was inspired by my new-found Etsy-love. lol. You can visit to see what I'm referencing. I know you'll love it too!

Enjoy this new look!
I'm loving it!

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New Season! Time to Shift.

Hello to you!,

Just wanted to inform everyone that this blog will be taking a slight turn. The name goes, the content stays; I'm just going to add more content! Hehe. This entire year I have focused mainly on couponing, but as I grow, I'm learning that my interests are growing and shifting as well.

So, on that note; this blog will consist of my favorite things. Yet, will definitely stay consistent with the "shoppers" theme. Which, is funny in itself because I'm not a big shopper! lol.

I discovered Etsy Shops a while back ( and I absolutely adore them... the handmade delicacies and all their goodness. So pretty and dainty. I'm partial to the handmade clothes/dresses and gadgets (laptop cozies/nerdy items, lol). And, don't forget photography... these are a few of my favorite things, so please expect to see them contained within this blogs writings.

Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy the new content!,

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons 9/16-9/22

This is BY FAR the BEST variety of "good" items I've seen at HT Triples/Doubles! Pleasantly happy! *nods head*

Day 1

10 Martha White Muffin Mix free (08-09 RP $.55/2 Q)
8 Dole Fruit Bowl or Parfait 4-packs $.40 each (08-09 SS $.75 Q)
4 Betty Crocker Frosting Tubs free (08-09 GM $.50 Q)
3 Suave Lotion $.24 each (09-13 Insert $.75 Q)

Day 2

4 Dole Fruit Bowl or Parfait 4-packs $.40 each (08-09 SS)
3 Welch's Cocktail $.75 each (09-13 SS $.75 Q)
3 Betty Crocker Potato Pouch free (09-13 SS $.40 Q)
3 Coffee-Mate 16 oz $.79 each (06-28 RP $.50 Q)
2 Grands Biscuits free ( $.75/2 Q)
1 Shamrock Farms Milk 12 oz free (08-23 SS $.50 Q)
Sunny Delight Smoothie $.34 (05-31 SS $.55 Q)
Pillsbury Simply Cookies $1.24 ( $.55 Q) (HADDD to have these! mmm!)

Hard to find: Suave Lotion, Pillsbury Simply Cookies
Couldn't find:
$1 Bumble Bee Tuna.

Keep clipping!!,

Become a Mystery Shopper for Harris Teeter!
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CVS Deals 9/13-9/19

Didn't see any new Suave scents as advertised on the Q (lol), and was bummed. Almost didn't want to get the ones I did get!

But, here's my deals:

2 Listerine $3.99, get $2 ECB, $2 ECB
1 Colgate Advanced $2.99, get $2 ECB

less 2 $1 Listerine Q's
less $1 Colgate Q
less $4.98 ECB (he adjusted Q for me)
less $2.99 ECB

$.00 OOP (pay tax), get $4 ECB, $2 ECB

3 Suave BW $2 each = $6, get $2 ECB
less $2 B2G1 Q
less $4 ECB from T1

$.00 OOP (pay tax), get $2 ECB

Listerine $3.99, get $2 ECB
less $1.50 Q
less $2 ECB

$.49 OOP, get $2 ECB


3 Listerines
3 Suave BW's
1 Colgate


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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harris Teeter Super Doubles; Ends Tonight

My last trip:

2 Marble Mix-Ins Sprinkles FREE
2 Budweiser BBQ Sauce $.50 overage (override)
2 Kotex Liners 22 ct FREE
2 Breyer's YoCrunch 4-pack $.50 each w/Q (raincheck)
1 7-Up 12-pack 1.33 w/Q
1 Colgate Toothpaste $.59 overage (override)

$.09 OOP
Receipt attached on right-hand side.

Hope everyone had fun during super dubs :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vocalpoint Mailer

In the mail today and a few days ago I received two Vocalpoint mailer's with coupons crammed inside! I've never received a freebie from Vocalpoint before so this was a first! How nice of them!

In the freebie mailer was a coupon for one FREE box of Rice Krispies Cereal with five additional $1 off coupons! Very happy about that one!

The other mailer had a very large coupon value of $2.50 off one Bounce Dryer Bar with three additional $1.50 off coupons! I'm sure the mailer was supposed to have five coupons, because that's the number they always send, but three must have fallen out because none of them were in the little coupon pocket.

Anywho, I've VERY happy with Vocalpoint and glad that they cared and were kind enough to send me some sweet little freebies. So, if you'd like to start receiving some goodies like these, sign up with Vocalpoint... it's free!!

Happy freebie hunting,

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