Friday, October 2, 2009

$1 Nestle Tollhouse Baking Cookies at Food Lion 9/30-10/6

Nestle Tollhouse Baking Cookies are on sale 2/$4 this week at Food Lion ($2 each); found in the refrigerated section. Use 9/13 RP (Red Plum) $1 coupon insert, get these for $1 each!

This is the cheapest I think they'll ever be (especially at FL-- orig. priced $2.79), considering that super double coupons at HT (Harris Teeter) is not this week!

I have three coupons, but was only able to get one because they were all gone (the choco chip ones). I think it's because there are $.55 blinkies right by them that everyone is using! So, be sure to grab you a few of those as well!

p.s. if you're concerned about the recall a while back, just look for the "new batch" label! read here: Refrigerated Cookie & Brownie Dough - NESTLE

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  1. Oh, no, not another reason to be eating cookies...had way too much sugar lately.

  2. Ohh yes, another reason to be eating cookies! lol, I picked up my last two packs yesterday! :] :]


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