Saturday, December 26, 2009

CVS Run!

I did really well at CVS today. has some really great printable coupons. $5 off $20, $4 off 3 Coca-Cola 12-packs.

My deals;

3 Coca-Cola 12-packs 3/$11
2 Special K Cereal Red Berries (12 oz, twin pack-- my FAVE cereal!!) $7.99, get $2 ECB (in theory, $3 each-- cheapest price yet!)
1 Green Bag Tag (filler/forgot mine at home) $.99

Total = $19.98
less $5 off $20 Q
less $4 off Coca-Cola Q
less $5 ECB
less $1 ECB

= $4.98 + $.54 tax = $5.52 OOP, get $2 ECB!!

Overall in theory, $5.52 - earned $2 ECB = $3.52 :) :)

The Indian man at the checkout counter was like, "You're going to make your husband very happy, I bet!" Or something to that extent; highlighting my savings and admiring my couponing strategy.

That made me smile greatly; it put a genuine smile on my face, considering I don't have a husband nor a fiance, and considering the time I spend clipping/organizing/planning... not to mention the previous not-so-great experience I had at Target (bleh!). It really meant a lot. Overall, perfect trip ;)

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