Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE Classic Fish Sandwich from Captain D's!

Thanks Captain D's! It was a delight to see this coupon in my inbox this afternoon! And, an even greater delight to redeem this puppy! lol. The free sandwich was way bigger than I expected it to be. It was like a Monster Fish Sandwich :D Mmmh, it was Good too, y'all! Free always tastes better, right! I sent them a tweet on Twitter to thank them personally!

Alma Mater

This photo deeply reminds me of my alma mater, East Carolina University. I visited my college's hometown one week ago, but still think about it very often. This girl looks like me. Only, I'm Black. The scrunchy, casual hoodie, the long hair. I love her.

The background resembles a chilly day on ECU's campus. The wind blowing ever-so slightly, just enough to give you a sweet cold-chill. At night, I would sneak out of my dorm on a Fall/Winter evening just to go grab a snack at the corner shop on campus, or some take out from the Dining Hall.

I'd throw on my grey sweats, toss on my matching hoodie, and hop on my bicycle. I want to print this photo out and tack it on my bedroom wall.

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