Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vocalpoint Mailer

In the mail today and a few days ago I received two Vocalpoint mailer's with coupons crammed inside! I've never received a freebie from Vocalpoint before so this was a first! How nice of them!

In the freebie mailer was a coupon for one FREE box of Rice Krispies Cereal with five additional $1 off coupons! Very happy about that one!

The other mailer had a very large coupon value of $2.50 off one Bounce Dryer Bar with three additional $1.50 off coupons! I'm sure the mailer was supposed to have five coupons, because that's the number they always send, but three must have fallen out because none of them were in the little coupon pocket.

Anywho, I've VERY happy with Vocalpoint and glad that they cared and were kind enough to send me some sweet little freebies. So, if you'd like to start receiving some goodies like these, sign up with Vocalpoint... it's free!!

Happy freebie hunting,

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Aquafresh Money-Maker during HT Triples 8/12-8/18!

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons 8/12-8/18

DAY #2

Be sure to throw in a couple of Aquafresh Toothpastes if you want to obtain uber-low OOP.

Here's my Round 1

1 Aquafresh Cavity Protection or Extra Fresh Toothpaste 6.4 oz $2.49 BOGO ($1.24 ea.) - $.75Q x3 (6/21 SS) = $1.01 MM/overage!!!
1 Coffee-Mate 16 oz $2.29 - $.50Q x3 (6/28 RP) = $.79
2 Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths 16 ct $2.59 ea. - 3 $.75Q x3 (7/26 SS) = $.34 ea.
2 Suave Deo. $1.47 ea. - 2 $.75Q x3 (8/2 RP) = FREE

OOP = $-.09 + $.22 tax = $.13

13 cents? (see picture of receipt to far right).
THAT deserves a few WHOOHOO'S!!!!

Here's my Round 2

3 Aquafresh Cavity Protection or Extra Fresh Toothpaste 6.4 oz $2.49 BOGO ($1.24 ea.) - 3 $.75Q x3 (6/21 SS) = $3.03 MM/overage!!!
3 Wishbone Ranch $2 - 3 $.75Q x3 (6/28 RP, 8/2 RP) = FREE
3 Summer's Eve Deo. Spray $2.69 ea. - 3 $.75Q x3 (7/26 SS) = $.44 ea.
3 GUM Toothbrushes $1.99/$1.74 - 3 $.75 x3 (8/9 RP) = FREE
2 Coffee-Mate 16 oz $2.29 - 2 $.50Q x3 (6/28 RP) = $.79 ea.

OOP = $2.15 + $.59 tax = $2.74 (gotta have my hazelnut coffee-mate :)

BOGO = Buy One, Get One Free
MM = Money-Maker
OOP = Out of Pocket
RP = Red Plum Coupon Newspaper Insert
SS = Smart Source Coupon Newspaper Insert
Q = Coupon

Looking forward to tomorrow/day three, how about you?? ;)

Keep clipping!!,

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons 8/12-8/18 Day #1

First things first...

...the Q'ers in my area are getting THICK!! I went around 1 p.m. today and ran across four... FOUR other Q'ers... in the same store at the same time! LOL. One lady and I smiled at eachother but believe me I was beyond shocked... it's never been like that. I love Q'ing, so fun. Haha, and now I have competition.

3 Coffee-Mate 16 oz $2.29 ea. - 3 $.50Q x3 (6/28 RP) = $.79 ea.

3 Solo Squared Cups $2 ea. - 3 $.75Q x3 (6/21 SS) = FREE (Had 6 Q's, but only 3 on shelf)

3 Colgate Total Whitening Oxygen Bubbles Toothpaste Gel $2.19 ea. - 3 $.75Q x3 (7/26 SS exp. 8/15) = FREE (Saw on Express Lane, price not marked down on shelf)

3 Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths 16 ct $2.59 ea. - 3 $.75Q x3 (7/26 SS) = $.34 ea.!!!

3 Summer's Eve Deo. Spray $2.69 ea. - 3 $.75Q x3 (7/26 SS) = $.44 ea.!!!

2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.67 - 2 $.50Q x3 (6/28 SS) = $.17 ea.

2 Suave Deo. $1.47 ea. - 2 $.75Q x3 (8/2 RP) = FREE

1 Wishbone Ranch $2 - $.75Q x3 (6/28 RP, 8/2 RP) = FREE

OOP = $3.49 + $.82 tax = $4.31
or $.17 per item!! (w/o tax)
or $.22 per item!! (w/ tax)

This was reeeeally fun! Hope I helped someone else too! :)

Keep clipping!!,

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stockpile Pictures 2009

My stockpile is growing, lol. I only coupon/shop for myself so I don't need a lot, nor is my stockpile as large as other couponers... and, I'm happy with that :) Also, I (graciously) live with my parents so I do not have to purchase/stockpile groceries as often.

Stockpile Portion 2009; taken August 5, 2009
9 aveeno, 9 glade spray, 9 deodorants, 6 stayfree, 6 playtex, 6 kotex, 4 skintimate, 3 tampax, 3 cvs liners, 3 cvs bw, 3 glade fabric, 3 listerine, 2 summer's eve, 2 purex, 1 always, 1 poise, 1 carefree, 1 caress.

Stockpile 2009; taken August 5, 2009
Picture does not include stuff I'm already using/have given to my parents... imagine that! :)

Fun times,

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Softsoap Nutriserum Money-Maker @ CVS 8/2-8/4

Waaaaaaaahooo!! I bought 4 more Softsoap Nutriserums today at CVS. So, now I have 5. The limit has been increased from one to five, so stock up! When you buy one at $4.99, it will print $4 in ECB's. Don't forget to print your $2 of Q from; use zip code 45435. This makes this gem a $1 MM :) This deal ends Tuesday.

I still have one more Q but I'll hold off on it because I really don't want to pay any OOP. My ultimate goal is to have lowest OOP ever... I have a raincheck so maybe I'll get it later when I can put more items on the list.

Soooooo, here's what I got (various transactions!):

4 Softsoap Nutriserums $4.99 - 4 $2 Q's = $11.96, get $16 ECB's
1 Caress Evenly Gorgeous (not on sale, but LOVVVEEE this stuff and it's my first time purchasing it after the sample) $4.99 - $1 Q = $3.99
1 Ivory Soap (filler) $1

Total $16.95
less $15.96 ECB's

OOP $.99 + $1.62 tax = $2.61 oop

I still have $12 in ECB's left, but it's on one coupon so I hope I won't have a hard time finding something to get for $12 total... I'll be pickier now because I have so much ECB on one ticket.

ECB = Extra Care Bucks (@ CVS)
OOP = Out of Pocket
Q = Coupon

Happy shopping, friends!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free Dove Beauty Bar @ CVS 8/2-8/8!

I found this one all on my own. It pays to have a trade list because as I was updating it yesterday evening, I ran across a Dove Q that expires 8/9.

And of course, had to run home after I bought these to share with you guys! :) I don't typically use Dove but this is a great deal and I want to try the Dove Beauty Bar after I finish my Mary Kay Beauty Bar.

At CVS this week (8/2-8/8)
Solid White Dove Beauty Bars 3.15 oz are on sale for $1.
Use the 5/17 RP $1 Dove Facial Care Product Q to get these frrreeeeee!

I ended up buying three because I only had three 5/17 RP inserts... but, this week I bought 7 papers from Dollar Tree so hopefully I'll continue to hunt down deals like these! :) I also just ordered 25 additional Q's from a coupon clipping service that were shipped out today! I cannot wait to get these babies in the mail this week!! More free Dove! :)

Q = Coupon
RP = Red Plum Newspaper Coupon Insert

If this post has helped you, leave me a comment :)

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