Saturday, December 18, 2010

oDesk, the Premier WAH Bidding Site

OK it's Saturday and what better day to sign up with oDesk than today! I usually find new opportunities on the weekends because this is when I have my most sufficient free time.

By now you should know that WAH generally stands for "work-at-home." This is what I have been doing from home part-time lately and I expect with more opportunities overall, to make it full-time. I wanted to share oDesk with you because I have been doing so well on there. I never thought that I'd be able to make such great supplemental (for me it's primary!) income on any kind of website.

I want to go ahead and say that when you do sign up, please use my referral link as I will get credit for your signing up. So, oDesk is a work-at-home bidding site where you bid on each assignment-- you're more or less competing with others for the same position (just like in the "real world," right!). It's very easy. No exaggeration there.

You read the employers job description and if you fit the bill, you click a button that says "apply" and you cater your cover letter to that employer and his special job posting. You don't even have to submit a resume!! Just make your cover letter really good and especially for that job posting so they know it's not generic.

Before any of this, you must create a profile and pass an "oDesk Readiness Test," with about 40 questions, which determines your level of seriousness about applying for jobs on oDesk.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Simple Work-at-Home Opp

One of the most efficient around, Opinion Outpost; It is reputable and thus well worth your work-time. You will get paid to take surveys online that last from 5 to 30 minutes. Most survey panels give you gift cards and compensations, and yet Opinion Outpost is giving nothing but cash, which is most beneficial. Since December 2010 I have acquired $45.30 from simply being a general survey panel user, with $3.20 in the bank. And as an affiliate, I actually have reached $16 and can automatically cash-out at 20 dollars.

Shelling out extra time accepting survey offers will make sure that you establish a lot more money. Opinion Outpost pushes the surveys straight to your e-mail and you follow the link through to your survey form opportunity and then begin qualifying! Qualification is based on the retailer and or client and as soon as you do not qualify you'll opt out of that respective market research and end up with the choice between making a instant donation courtesy of Opinion Outpost, a chance at an instant $50 and one other quick alternative. The amount of time of the questionnaire pinpoints the amount of cash you get paid.

You can cash out at 50 points (or $5) if you are a panel member, and the paycheck arrives fast. I have been a member for some time now and it is for sure my very preferred survey site out there. Register here if you need to produce some additional money!

Very best,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Near-free Deals at Hallmark! $10/$10, $5/$5

Lots of great promotions going on at Hallmark, glad I was able to get in. The $10 off $10 has been pulled though so only the $5 off $5 is available here, exp 12/5. Should be able to print 2 or more of those.

Sooo I did the rest of my $10/$10 Q's today so that's the last of those. Printed two of these $5/$5 Q's and looks like I'll have to go again on 12/5!!

I decided to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper, gift bows, gift tags (sooo nice, not the sticky kind, these are removable!) and gift bags!!! Might as well, won't have to buy any with my money for a while, hehehe!

Here are my deals:


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