Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coca-Cola CODES! What You Gotta Know.

So, had to blog this one because of the freeeee cheese that I snagged! ANNNDDD the Coke!


I never knew this; tell me if you did-- BUT each of the Coca-Cola 6packs have a 3-POINT CODE on EACH bottle top!! How cool is that! So, the 6pack = 18 pts and the 12pack Coke only = 12! Hahaha! That's sooo funny! And, I actually stopped buying the 6pack Cola's a while back for this very reason! I was like, hey I can get my soda and codes from the 12pack, so why bother with the bottles!

Lo and behold,
CODES on the 6packs!! YAAAY!

I would have never noticed this if it weren't for going to Harris Teeter Triple Coupons this week. It was great. I've never seen the bottles so cheap. Only $1.99 for a 6pack AND you get CODES! 18 points to be exact!! :D :D [insert huge grin here]. Doesn't get any better! :D

YAAY! Whew, so glad about that. This is my favorite drink.
Now that I've cheered Coke on, onto my deals for yesterday's HT Triples:

2 Coke 6-pack $1.99 ea
2 KRAFT Xtra Sharp Cheese $3.19 BOGO - BOGO Q = freeeeeee!
1 General Foods International Cappuccino Coolers $2.39 - $.75 Q = 14 cents
2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.89 - $.55 Q = $.24 ea
6 YoPlait Whips $.66 ea - $.40 Q = 6/$2.76 or $.46 ea

New-found love for the cappuccino coolers! The french vanilla is incredibly tasty! I'm a coffee-nut so these are perfect, and even more perfect with the warmer weather! YAAHOO!

I found the BOGO cheese Q in the parking lot at Food Lion, lol! And, grabbed a lot more when I went back in the store, but can't find where I put them anymore :( Sales run from Wednesday-Tuesday at HT!

Best to you all!,

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of My Fave HT Triples!, ends 3/30/10

here's my load for tonight. had exactly 20 Q's. this was one of my favorite triples

1 ziploc container 4pack $2.50 - $.75 mailer Q = $.25
1 JFG coffee $2.29 - $.75 Q = 4 cents
2 gen. foods int'l cappuccino coolers 6 ct $2.39 ea - $.75 Q = 14 cents ea
3 french's mustard 8oz $1.59 ea - $.50 Q = 9 cents ea
1 v8 broccoli soup 18oz $3.19 - $.75 Q = $.94
1 no yolk noodles $2.29 - $.75 Q = 4 cents
2 lady mitchum deo $2.49 - $.75 Q = $.24 ea
2 philly cream cheese $1.89 - $.55 Q = $.24 ea
1 breakstone sour cream $1.99 - $.55 Q = $.34
3 coffee mate 16oz $2 - $.50 Q = $.50 ea
3 shamrock farms milk $1.25 - $.50 Q = free

$4.62 OOP + tax

also got one non-Q item (had ta have, sry! )
1 cream of wheat cinn. $3.39 + tax


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Funnel Cake Night!

I made funnel cakes tonight! I bought a kit with my mom at World Market today for $9.99. I lovvvee funnel cakes and now I can enjoy them year-round and for cheap, cheap, cheap!

The kit includes a funnel, the metal ring to cook the cake in, and some funnel cake mix.

They taste just like the ones at the fair! My Dad appreciated them too; he loves them just as much as I do. It was fun making them! You should have seen it! My first one was huge; about 2.5 inches thick and really crispy brown. Hehe, it was heavy as all-ever when I pulled it out of the oil with my tongs. Soo funny. I pitched that one; I just knew how oil-soaked it was. Ick.

lol. HERE is a pic of my funnel cakes with powdered sugar! They were soo good! Tasted just like the Fair. I love them. When I want more mix, I can grab some at World Market for $3.99 a box! Each box makes 8-10 cakes! YAAy :)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In News: Image of Jesus, 2009

So, this was in the news last year. I never blogged about it, and decided to now because it was fascinating and I'd like to have a record of hit here. Here is the article:

Nov. 4, 2009, 01:28 p.m.
Associated Press

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – Jim Stevens said he's not particularly religious and is clueless about why an image resembling Jesus Christ keeps appearing on his pickup.

Stevens, of Jonesborough, said nearly every morning, an image that looks to him like the face of Jesus Christ has appeared in the condensation on the driver's side window of his Isuzu truck. A Johnson City Press photo of the truck showed a facial image.

Jim Stevens says when he first saw the image on his truck, he figured it would evaporate and not return. But it kept reappearing for two weeks now.

Stevens said folks at the grocery store he goes to were amazed to see the image.

He said he isn't going to wash the truck for a while.

What to think?

Best in Christ,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Samples: Purex, Cream of Wheat and more

Soooo, if I check my blog-list, I probably haven't blogged about "freebies" in a lonngggg time, lol. I don't know why it's funny; probably because it sounds so juvenile..... "freebies." Heehe. Anywho. Here goes,

Purex 3-in-One Complete Laundry Sheets

Crest 3D White Whitestrips

Try Crest, here
When you get there, click the "skip" button in lower right.

Cream of Wheat

Try Cream of Wheat Healthy Grain, here

All of the freebie offers are "while supplies last."


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