Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cutesy Snacksters

Ohhh, I love browsing So many phenomenal creations. Something note-worthy I found today on Etsy:

I call these "snacksters" because I'm a nerd. But, sewdarnsimple created these cute little boogers, and she calls them Reusable Baggies. Either way, how adorable and parsimonious, yet useful are these? I love them! (Of course I love them. *doh* I love everything that I post about here obviously, right? Hehe!)

sewdarnsimple is selling these cuties for a modest $6-$7 on

Not only do I love the baggie and the great solution it supplies for our kiddie, adult and snacking needs alike; I adore the photowork and the little "sewdarnsimple" patch/label is genius. The picture is gorgeous on the white background with the bright green apple centerfront. Makes me love the product even more.

...I've made it a point that whenever I'm blog surfing or Etsy-surfing, to blog about it here. I can't hog all the good stuff, hehe!!

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