Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Day of Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Day 5

2 ore ida fries 26-28oz $1.79 ea - 2 $1 Q's = $.42 MM
2 old spice 18oz $3.49 ea - $1/2Q - BOGO Q = $.74 ea
1 welch's grape juice 64oz $3.99 - $1 Q = $1.99
2 fruity pebbles 11oz $2.79 - $1/2Q = $1.79 ea
2 minute maid orange juice 64oz $2.99 - 2 $1Q's = $.99 ea

Total $26.12 w/ e-vic
Less $18.67 in Q's

= OOP $7.45 + tax (don't ask me how-- weird situation in my favor with the coffeemate exchange )

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip! Day 4

day 4

been fun blogging about these. this is only one of a few times i've actually ran a super doubles marathon quite proud!

3 welch's grape juice 64oz $3.99 - $1 Q = $1.99 ea
2 old spice body wash 18oz (will make great gifts) $3.49 - $1/2 Q - BOGO Q = $.74 ea
1 coffeemate 16oz $1.67 - $1Q - $.50 ZVR = $.50MM (should have gotten a larger size, only took off $.67 for the doubled $1Q so I lost $.33 )

Total $20.62 w/ e-vic
Less $15.66 in Q's (incl. $2 CAT used)

= $4.96 + tax OOP

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Harris Teeter-- Day 3! Super Double Coupons!

Today was fun.

Day 3

7 dawn $.99 ea - $.50Q - 1 $.50 ZVR = $.57 MM
1 olay body wash 12oz $3.99 - $1Q - $.50 ZVR = $1.49
2 old spice body wash $3.49 ea - $1/2Q - BOGO Q - $1/1 ZVR = $.25 ea
2 tampax compak $3.99 ea - $1Q = $1.99 ea
2 kotex 64ct $3.69 ea - $2Q = $2.69 ea, get $2 CAT
1 always infinity 18ct $3.99 - $1Q - $1 ZVR = $.99
1 always liners $1.35 - $1Q = $.65 MM
2 starkist seasations entree $1.99 - $1 IPQ = free
2 coffeemate 16oz $1.67 ea - $.75/2 IPQ (ran out of $.50/1 Q's hehe) - $.50 ZVR = $.67 ea

Total $45.92 w/ e-vic
Less $33.47 in Q's

=OOP $12.45 + tax, get $2 CAT

Day 2 of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter!

Day 2!! Hooray! Hi y'all. I feel like the champion of couponing!! (Like I haven't been doing this for years, right!) WHOOP!

4 Idaho Spuds Box 13.3oz $1.50 ea - $.55Q = $.40 ea
3 Coffeemate 16oz $1.67 ea - $.50Q = $.67 ea
1 Febreze Air Effects $2.99 - $1Q (P&G Home Mailer) = $.99
1 Tampax Pearl 20ct $3.99 - $1Q = $1.99
1 Campbell's Slow Kettle Soup $3.39 - $1.25Q = $.89
2 Crest 3D Vivid White $2.99 ea - $1Q = $.99 ea
4 Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12oz $2.50 ea - 2 $1/2 IPQ's = $1.50 ea
1 WhoNu Cookies $2.49 - $1Q = $.49
2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers $2.99 - $.75Q = $.99 ea
1 Krunchers! Potato Chips $2.50 - $.75Q = $1

1 Coffeemate 16oz $1.67 - $.50Q = $.50ZVR (reloaded) = $.17
1 Secret Clinical $6.99 - $1Q - $1ZVR = $3.99
1 Crest 3D Vivid White $2.99 - $1Q - $1ZVR = free

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 11/2 - 11/8

Day 1
Best trip!!! Loved!!

Enjoyed myself so much today!! My favorite part were the ZVR's (Zavers)! This is my first time using these and they actually came off!

Non-ZVR purchases
3 coffeemate reg. 16oz $1.67 - $.50 Q = $.67 ea
2 kotex 64ct $3.69 - $1.50/2Q = $2.19 ea
2 febreze set & refresh $2.99 - $1Q = $.99 ea
2 febreze air effects $2.99 - $1Q = $1 ea
2 coffeemate bliss $2.29 - $1Q = $.29 ea
2 smart balance milk $3 - $1.50Q = free (thanks again to who posted these! repped!)
4 carpet fresh $.99 ea - $1Q - $1Q = free

ZVR purchases
1 coffeemate reg. 16oz $1.67 - $.50Q - $.50ZVR = $.17
1 febreze set & refresh $2.99 - $1Q - $1ZVR = free
1 febreze air effects $2.99 - $1Q - $1ZVR = free
1 tampax pearl 20ct $3.99 - $1Q - $1ZVR = $.99
1 tide detergent $7.89 - $2Q - $2ZVR = $3.89 (great price!!! whoop!)
1 crest rinse $4.49 - $2Q - $2ZVR = $.49 (whoop! killer deal!)

total $16.44 + tax

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great Morning!

Hi Friends!!! Happy September 1!!! Good morning!

What a GOOD Day! I bless Jesus for today!! As you know, I am engaged and yesterday I tried on wedding gowns!! What a treat! This was my second appointment and I was thrilled! I found one I love!

Also, my sis is a new mom and I plan on going to see my new (and first!) niece today! She will be 2 weeks old on Saturday. She's such a darlin grl. I miss her all the time. They stay 30 mins away (which isn't awful), just gotta make time to go see them, as I am in the process of planning a wedding and scouting some jobs!

God is great and I had to bless Him for all of the wonderful things He is doing in my life. He has blessed me to marry a great man of God, and to have all of the desires of my heart. Truly, I am blessed. Thank God for today and I bless Him for YOU!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Pen Project

Well, I'm engaged!!! I just made this simple, yet inventive decorative pen for all of my wedding planning. I just tied some ribbon onto one of my favorite pens. I love itt!! Will feel special every time I write with it!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Wham Bam! Loved HT Super Doubles!, ends 6/28

Good morning, friends! I see we have some new members to the blog!! So glad and excited to have you! Thanks so much!!

Had sooooo much fun at Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!! Ordered some more Q's and cannot wait for them to get here! Yahoo!

1 Sure Deo $2.85 - $1MFR = $.85
1 Tom's of Maine Deo $3 - $1MFR = $1
1 Carefree 20ct $1.49 - $1MFR = free
1 Tom's of Maine Toothpaste $3 - $1MFR = $1
1 Revlon Nail Enamel $2.99 - $1MFR = $.99
1 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce 18oz $2.29 - $1MFR = $.29
1 Welch's Grape Juice 64oz $3.99 - $1MFR = $1.99
1 French's Worcestershire Sauce 10oz $.99 - $.75MFR = free
1 Ivory Soap 3pk $1.59 - $.50MFR = $.59
2 Bailey's Creamer $2.19 - $1IPQ = $.19ea
1 Playtex Sport $3.99 - $1.50MFR = $.99
2 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce 18oz $1.25 - $1MFR = $.25ea
2 Oscar Mayer Sandwiches (boxed) $2.50 - $1MFR = $.50ea
1 Johnsonville Breakfast Sausages $2.99 - $1IPQ = $.99
1 Int'l Delight Creamer $1.87 - $.55MFR = $.77ea


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ECB Fun @ CVS!, ends 4/16

Hello! So I was missing my ECB's right so I wanted to get back into CVS regularly. When I run outta ECB's I tend to break off from Q'ing, lol.

I went in for the perfume deal that ends 4/16!! Such a good deal, spend $15, get $10 my face lit up with gladness hehe!

1 Halle 0.5oz perfume $16.99

total $16.99
less 10% "beauty purchase" CRT ($1.60)
less $1 ECB

= $14.39 OOP + tax, get $10 ECB's

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Haul from Old Navy Today, 30% off until 1/30

So I shopped Old Navy today and I hadn't even planned on it. It was major fun, as always, which is why I went, lol. They ended up having a sale, 30% off everything in the store, excluding "denim." Yeah, I scored with that today, I so didn't think there would be any sale.

I got a pair of ballerina peep toe flats that are a light lilac/purple; very sweet and they are super duper cute. I get a new pair of ballerina's like once every blue moon, not often at all because I don't wear them often enough. One long sleeve, but light-fitting sailor blue and white striped shirt, a yellow tank (don't have one, believe it or not), and a navy blue polka dote scarf which is super cute, and a last minute buy. lol, I eyed it at first but didn't pay it much attention, but when I saw someone carrying one as if they were going to purchase it, I couldn't resist, and added it to my things :D She is sooooo pretty, my navy scarf. My favorite colors for clothing and fabric right now are navy, yellow and purple. And, I ended up being attracted to all of these today.

The ballerina peep toes were $15.75 (incl. 30% off discount), the yellow tank and the blue sailor long sleeved striped shirt were both $3.48 each (incl. 30% off discount), and the polka dot scarf was $8.75 (incl. 30% off discount).


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HLN's Nancy Grace to air 50 missing persons cases

Primetime's HLN will spotlight those lost in the shuffle
by Whitney Jenkins

Popular primetime news show, Nancy Grace, will be placing the spotlight on 50 missing persons cases beginning this week, throughout the next two months. "Nancy Grace: America's Missing" airs Monday to Sunday beginning at 9 p.m. EST on HLN.

Grace is known for provocative news casts, in an effort to provoke dialogue among homicide and crime experts, and the public. Popular stories include the Casey Anthony case, of which Grace provided around-the-clock nightly news coverage. Missing persons date back as far as 20 to 30 years.

"Anything that can move a case forward to me would be worth it," says Grace. "If a case gets solved that would be like a blessing from heaven."

Grace intends on showcasing several minority missing persons cases, as many of these stories are lost amidst the outrageous coverage given to missing Caucasian women.

Continue reading »

Monday, January 17, 2011

Easy Filing through TurboTax App, SnapTax

New smartphone app for taxes

by Whitney Jenkins

Amongst a plethora of other business and personal finance apps, SnapTax is the first of its kind, guaranteeing 100 percent accurate calculation and ensuring “your biggest tax refund.”

The release of this mobile application allows consumers to file their taxes via their smartphones. The concept of SnapTax, is to “snap” a picture of your taxes and then the TurboTax app goes to work to do the rest.

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Good morning

I slept with the blinds drawn and I said, "Lord, let me see an EARLY morning." I haven't seen dew atop cars in a long time. :} :}

Sunday, January 16, 2011

From everlasting to everlasting

Psalm 106:48
Blessed be the LORD God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting: and let all the people say, Amen. Praise ye the LORD.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Abba God, I love You!!

I am so delighted right now. I have been harping on my firstly published Web article all day long. It is so special to me!! This opportunity I have been given. I am so excited, Lord!!! AHHH I cannot stop grinning; grinning from ear to ear and shouting short stanzas of bird-like gladness.

Chirping away, chirping away I am about this publication. Chirping away about how greatly it makes me smile. I see my name in lights, I see your glory shining through. Shining through me, fulfilling me more, and more. For Your glory I write; and for Your glory is my glory. I glory in You for by You all things are completed. OH THE JOY OF THE LORD!!! HE will do great things, splendid things on your behalf. THE JOY OF THE LORD will have you giddy with excitement at the little, yet extraordinary things He brings. He knows how to please you--He knows how to make you smile. If you get where HE is, You will learn what makes Him smile too.

Blessed be the name of GOD my saviour!!!!

God's best,

Re: "I have always wanted to work in a newsroom, since college. And now I have created my own newsroom, in the comfort of my own home." ~Whit

IBM Watson Supercomputer scheduled for Jeopardy! combat

Specs of supercomputer prove massive

by Whitney Jenkins

Jeopardy! sit-in Watson, a supercomputer, will be using DeepQA technology to procure Jeopardy! answers. It is armed with a Linux system that is powered by 10 refrigerator-sized racks of IBM POWER 750, with 15 terabytes of RAM and a 2,880 processor core. Throughout its lifespan, Watson has stored tens of millions of informational pieces—perfect for combat. With specs like this, former champs had better prepare.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

CVS Greatness!, ends 1/15

Man I love January's at CVS! The best ECB deal month of the year!! Whippiee!!

2 Finish Powerball Tabs 20ct $3 ea
3 Airwick Twin Packs (= 6 Airwicks) $5 ea
1 Carmex Chapstick $1.79 (my fave and a filler)

total $22.79
less $4/$20 Q
less 2 Finish $2.25 MFR Q's
less 3 Airwick $1 Q's (2 MFR, 1 IPQ)
less 1 Carmex $.30 MFR Q
less $10 in ECB's
= $.99 OOP + tax, get $10 ECB's

Food Lion, Kellogg's Deal

I'm so pleased with my deals. They have some kind of Special K promotion every year! Last year it was the $5 catalina deal. This year it's free orange juice.

4 Kellogg's Special K 12oz $2.50 ea - 2 BOGO IPQ's = $1.25 ea
1 Smart Option Orange Juice $3.79, FREE WYB 4 Kellogg's

Total $5
OOP $3.42 + tax (cashier scanned FULL PRICE for each BOGO Q)

4 Kellogg's Special K 12oz $2.50 ea - 2 BOGO IPQ's = $1.25 ea
1 Smart Option Orange Juice $3.79, FREE WYB 4 Kellogg's
1 Sierra Mist 2liter - FREE catalina Q = free
(had to add in the free soda bc the registers will not allow identical transactions back to back).

Total $5
OOP $3.13 + tax (cashier scanned FULL PRICE for each BOGO Q and the Sierra Mist)

Essentially, $.59 per item


Friday, January 7, 2011

Walgreens Trip!, ends 1/8

Hahaha, . I'm not a big Walgreens shopper at all. I do check their ads whenever I get a paper though. Lots of good stuff so I had to plan a trip!

2 Softsoap 7.5oz $.99 ea w/ WAGS Q - 2 $.35 MFR = $.64 ea
1 Household Gloves $.39 w/ WAGS Q (they have these every year, hehe! i luv 'em!)
4 Coffeemate Creamers 16oz $2.49/2 = $1.24 ea - 2 $1/2 Blinkies = $.74 ea!! I was to get about 8 of them because I had 4 Blinkies, but they only carried two varieties so I decided to save them. What a GOOD deal!
1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal 10pk $1.99 - $1 MFR = $.99 (I've found that this is my target price for these, any higher and I will no longer buy 'em).

Thanks for reading!

Happy Q'ing!,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good morning

I am beginning a new thing. A new thing, for it is a new day in Christ.

A new thing on so many levels.
It is a day to seek the Lord. WHILE He may be found.


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