Friday, October 2, 2009

New Season! Time to Shift.

Hello to you!,

Just wanted to inform everyone that this blog will be taking a slight turn. The name goes, the content stays; I'm just going to add more content! Hehe. This entire year I have focused mainly on couponing, but as I grow, I'm learning that my interests are growing and shifting as well.

So, on that note; this blog will consist of my favorite things. Yet, will definitely stay consistent with the "shoppers" theme. Which, is funny in itself because I'm not a big shopper! lol.

I discovered Etsy Shops a while back ( and I absolutely adore them... the handmade delicacies and all their goodness. So pretty and dainty. I'm partial to the handmade clothes/dresses and gadgets (laptop cozies/nerdy items, lol). And, don't forget photography... these are a few of my favorite things, so please expect to see them contained within this blogs writings.

Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy the new content!,

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