Saturday, September 19, 2009

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons 9/16-9/22

This is BY FAR the BEST variety of "good" items I've seen at HT Triples/Doubles! Pleasantly happy! *nods head*

Day 1

10 Martha White Muffin Mix free (08-09 RP $.55/2 Q)
8 Dole Fruit Bowl or Parfait 4-packs $.40 each (08-09 SS $.75 Q)
4 Betty Crocker Frosting Tubs free (08-09 GM $.50 Q)
3 Suave Lotion $.24 each (09-13 Insert $.75 Q)

Day 2

4 Dole Fruit Bowl or Parfait 4-packs $.40 each (08-09 SS)
3 Welch's Cocktail $.75 each (09-13 SS $.75 Q)
3 Betty Crocker Potato Pouch free (09-13 SS $.40 Q)
3 Coffee-Mate 16 oz $.79 each (06-28 RP $.50 Q)
2 Grands Biscuits free ( $.75/2 Q)
1 Shamrock Farms Milk 12 oz free (08-23 SS $.50 Q)
Sunny Delight Smoothie $.34 (05-31 SS $.55 Q)
Pillsbury Simply Cookies $1.24 ( $.55 Q) (HADDD to have these! mmm!)

Hard to find: Suave Lotion, Pillsbury Simply Cookies
Couldn't find:
$1 Bumble Bee Tuna.

Keep clipping!!,

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  1. Just found your blog. You've got some great info for us bargain-hunters! One thing, though...did you realize that Harris Teeter changed mystery shopping companies starting in October? They're no longer w/GfK.

  2. Why, thank you! You are kidding!! I haven't mystery shopped HT lately! That is unreal! WOW, I wonder who they're going to take up with! GfK was the best!

  3. I was a faithful mystery shopper with HT until they changed to GFK, then I got out of it, mostly because their quizzes were sucha nuisance. I went back to try to do some for the holidays, but, as you mentioned, they are not w/ GFK anymore. Can't readilly find who they went to. Does anybody know?



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