Sunday, December 27, 2009



I am in super LOVEEEE with these helmets!! Do you remember when you were younger and you never wanted to wear a helmet when you rode your "bike," because they were so bulky and UGLY?!

lol. I do!! And, I've found these nice little jewels.

Uhhhhm, that white helmet. Sheesh. I cannot stop staring. It want that one and the navy blue. Both very classic styles. They are soooooo gorgeous!!!

Underneath the stylish cover is a thick stainless steel helmet. The covers are interchangeable (and, washable I'd hope). You get safety and style. I want these helmets, and several different covers.

And check out the ear warmers,

Do these ear warmers complete the look or what?! So perfect for winter days.

The navy blue "boat-look;" the preppy/classy-look. I am beyond smitten!! [Not sold in the U.S. Absolutely ordering some of these].

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