Friday, February 26, 2010

CVS Store Coupons, exp. 2/28/10

Erica is so nice to put these up for us. There are more listed on her website. I've already got a scenario worked out for the $3/$15 that I plan to pick up tomorrow, LORD willing!

Just head on over to to print these. When you get there, click "coupon links."

Happy Q'ing!,

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fruit Stripe GUM!

Ahahahaha! Y'all remember the Fruit Stripe Gum from childhood? I do! I went to Wal-Mart the other evening (late-evening, actually; on my way home from work about 9 p.m.!) to search for some materials to make me a new coupon-binder. Got to check out and had a nice little laugh! Aloud!

Fruit Stripes Gum!!

With the water-tattoo's and fruit-striped white wrappers!

lol. I lovvveddd this stuff in Elementary. Man, I would chew these up one after the other, sometimes even three at a time. They were soooo good, and sooo juicy-- spit dripping and everything, hahah!

Too bad I didn't grab any. I will next time I'm in Wal-Mart, LORD willing! I just had a flashback. Saw a gum commercial on t.v. and immediately thought of the Fruit Stripes I saw in Wally World this week.

I was like "Zebra Stripes Gum!" My parents were like, "Naw, it was a tiger! ...FRUIT Stripes!" lolol. We had a fun laugh over them.

Great gum!


Last Day of Super Doubles! Great Finds!

Harris Teeter

this was another fun trip. i usually save all of my "big" coupon items 'til the last day LOL. i got some great stuff!

4 Sensodyne ProNamel $4.77 ea - 4 $1 Q's = $2.77 ea
2 Purex $5.39 BOGO ($2.69 ea) - BOGO Q = free (she took off full price of $5.39 )
2 Almond Breeze Almondmilk $3.49 - 2 $1 IPQ's = $1.49 ea
2 Aunt Jemima Syrup $3.35 ea - $1/2 Q = $2.35 ea
3 Puffs Plus [tissue] Cubes $1 ea - $.25/3 Q = $.83 ea
1 Vicks VapoRub $4.49 - $1.50 Q = $1.49
1 Gorton's Popcorn Shrimp $3.49 - $1 Q = $1.49
1 Bounce Dryer Bar Clean Linen $4.29 - $1.50 Q = $1.29

price for a regular-shopper w/ VIC: $53.42 + tax hehe!
price for a couponer (me! hehe ): $20.83 OOP + tax

each item i purchased is catered to my need; and is perfect timing (puffs + vicks), sensodyne (soda-freak/wear a retainer), got tons of pancakes on sale (syrup), almond breeze is my fave non-dairy milk, etc. it doesn't get any better!

$20.53 OOP + tax
  1. had a $5/$25 Rite Aid IPQ
  2. received catalina for FREE Silk Almondmilk!! (how perfect! woulda grabbed one today, but it was out of stock!)

thanks to the girls on who posted about the $5/$25 Rite Aid Q. you saved me 5 bucks!! what a sweet deal. i've never used those at HT... it was FUN!

i'm sooo happy about today's deals i got!

great IPQ's this time, all of which i redeemed:

9 cent land o' lakes
19 cent borden cheese
29 cent starbucks frapps
free kotex
free 8th continent soymilk
2.29 folgers coffee

gooood stuff! best IPQ event ever, haha!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheap Crest Whitestrips for Q'ers!

T1 (dad's card)
1 Crest Whitestrips $16.74/33% off) (WHOA WHAT A DEAL!! glad I held out!)
2 Carmex Lip Balm (filler/my fave, gotta have it) $1.69 ea = $3.38

total $20.12
less $4/$20 CRT (dad let me have his Q and use his card, aw!)
less $10 Crest Whitestrips MFR!!!! 2/7 P&G
less $3.50 ECB from Crest Rinse deal

= ... (drumroll) $2.62 OOP + tax

even without $4 CRT, Whitestrips are less than 7 bucks, and cheaper if you have ECB's!

(my card)
2 Thermacare 1 ct $2.49 ea w/ raincheck = $4.98
1 Coke Classic $1.59

total $6.57
less $1.59 free Coke Q (
less $4 ECB

= $.98 OOP + tax, get $6 ECB's from Thermacare raincheck, $1 ECB's from Green Bag Tag

Overall, checking my CVS Q's, i still have $14 in ECB's to roll and I got some dirt cheap Whitestrips!! [just got my braces off and cannot wait to use my first teeth whitening kit!]


Thursday, February 18, 2010

GREAT DEALS!! Harris Teeter Super Doubles!! 2/17/10 - 2/23/10

Sorry, no pictures this time! Here are my great deals I snagged from Super Doubles!!!

Click the "IPQ" links for links to the coupons that I used, that YOU can use too!!

Day 1
4 Kotex Liners 22ct $1.49 - 2 $1.50/2 IPQ's = free
2 Starbucks Frapp's $2.29 - 2 $1 IPQ's = $.29 each
2 8th Continent Soymilk $2.99 - 2 $1.50 IPQ's = free
1 Trident Layers $1.55 - $.75 MFR = 5 cents
1 Dawn Antibac Soap $1.49 - $1 MFR mailer = free
1 Joy Antibac Soap $1.34 - $.30 MFR $.74
1 Welch's Grape Juice 64 oz $3 - $1 MFR = $1

total $2.37 OOP + tax!!!

The girls over at posted some great deals! A few of the above are my own, however. I love Super Dub's! Was glad that the girls at one of the stores I shop, left me some of the free 8th Continent Soymilk!!

Day 2
4 Quaker Rice Snacks $1.66 - 4 $.75 MFR = $.16 ea
4 7th Generation Paper Towels $1.99 - 4 $1 MFR = free
3 Borden Cheese Sensations $2.19 - 3 $1 IPQ's= $.19 ea
2 Land O' Lakes w/ Olive Oil $1.09 - 2 $.50 IPQ's = $.09 ea

total $1.39 OOP + tax!!!

Was happy about that Borden Cheese Sensations Q!! Big thanks to whoever posted that deal!! Great cheese, great flavor variety! I'm a big-cheese-connoisseur, LOL! WHAT A GREAT COUPON!!!

IPQ = Internet Printable Coupons

Happy Q'ing!!,

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Monday, February 8, 2010

CVS Trip! $3.01 OOP, Rcv'd $18 ECB's.

This was fun, as always!! CVS'ing is always fuunnnn. I just love spending my coupons. So far I have redeemed $2,157 in pure coupons since November 2008. ...and, yes I keep track :) This really is my favorite hobby. BLOGGING is #2 :) :)


5 Thermacare 1ct ($2.49 ea. with raincheck)
**green bag tag**

Total $12.45
less $10 ECB's

= $2.45 OOP + tax, get $13 ECB's from Thermacare with raincheck

2 Starbucks Frapp's ($1.50 ea. with raincheck)
2 CVS Lip Balm $1.29 ea. (filler + needed)
2 Listerine Totalcare 1Liter $5.99 ea., sale $3.99 (update: only 16.9 oz is issuing ECB's. do not attempt)

Total $17.56
less 2 Starbucks Frapp's $1 IPQ's
less 2 Listerine $1 MFR
less $13 ECB's from T1

= $.56 OOP + tax, get $1 ECB from Starbucks, get $4 ECB's from Listerine


Spent $3.01 OOP + tax
Received $18 in ECB's


I'm on Twitter: allthingsgodly

ECB's = Extra Care Bucks
IPQ = Internet Printable Coupon
MFR = Manufacturer Coupon
OOP = Out Of Pocket

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I just need five more folks to join and I'll get a sweet 20 bucks; plus you win too!! Please use link below please so I'll get credited.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Printable Coupons! Almond Milk, Coffee-Mate and Starbucks!

WAAAHOOO! Past few days I've discovered a great installment of printable coupons of EVERY thing that I use! Which is so rare! To find Q's for the groceries you buy regularly!

So, here we are... enjoy!!

COFFEE-MATE - Stir It Up with Coffee's Perfect Mate

Coffee-Mate's Hazelnut Liquid Coffee Creamer is my absolute favorite! All of the other flavors and brands cannot compare! Enjoy this coupon! $.75 off one creamer, liquid or powder. Coupon doubles are some stores so be sure to check to see if your store doubles coupons. Also here, BOGO Coffee-Mate Stick Packs (I have not tried).

Almond Breeze - Taste Guarantee

I really love Almond Breeze's Almond Milk. Tried it after purchasing Silk Soymilk and it's soo much yummier (the Vanilla flavored Almond Breeze). I put it in my Special K Cereal VERY tasty! Enjoy this generous $1 coupon!

Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee Drink - Share Your Experience

For the field, "Where does Frappuccino® Coffee Drink take you?," enter N/A, unless you would like Starbucks to have full ownership of whatever you type in that box! (read "terms and conditions").

WAHOO! This Frapp Q is for $1 off any single-serve!! YIPPIEE! These'll only be $.50 with my CVS raincheck.


I'm on Twitter: allthingsgodly

Friday, February 5, 2010

$3 Coupon for any AMBI Skincare!

(do not click picture. click AMBI link below for coupon)

WAAHOO! This stuff is great. My younger sister put me onto it. She uses their facial moisturizer. I purchased two fading creams that I'm currently using (with a nice $2 IPQ i might add, so this $3 IPQ is a major JEWEL!) Will have to report back; so far I'm loving it!

Bottom of page, left side, click for $3 coupon.
Must register. can print twice! just copy bricks link into a new browser!

IPQ is for $3 off any AMBI, except bars and trial size.


I'm on Twitter: allthingsgodly

IPQ = Internet Printable Coupon

P.S. @SonyaAnn Thank you so much for leaving comments. I'm so glad when I get them and I do read them! Happy you're enjoying the posts and coupon deals! Thanks so much again; I love to blog great finds! :)


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