Sunday, May 23, 2010

My HT Deals 5/19/10-5/25/10

i shared this with the girls on AFC a few days ago, so here it is for you all! this was reeeally fun! haha, as always! all of my favorite things!!

2 nature's own premium grain bread!! $1.84 - $.75Q = $.34 ea!!
1 bounce dryer bar $4.99 - $1.50Q = $1.99
1 bounty towels $2.19 - $1Q = $.19
3 snuggle softener $2.99 - $1.50Q = free
2 gen foods int'l coolers $2.39 - $1Q = $.39 ea
3 mystic pizza $3 ea - $1.50 IPQ = free
1 airwick warmer free
1 airwick scented oil 2pack $6.45 - $1Q = $4.45/$2.22 ea
1 caribou coffee $6.99 evic - $1 IPQ on = $4.99
2 nexcare bandages $2.79 - $1 IPQ on = $.79 ea
3 deli creations steakhouse cheddar (the best kind yet!) $2.50 - $1Q = $.50 ea
1 stouffer's panini $2.50 - $1Q = $.50!!

i got there around 12pm and snuggle was scarce as well as the mystic pizza! the mystic pizzas are way bigger than i thought! nice size!! freeee! thanks a bunch to the girl who posted that deal.

my 'big-ticket' items:
caribou coffee $4.99 w/ Q
airwick scented oil 2pack $4.45/$2.22 ea w/ Q

OHH YEAH, the machine printed me out TWO cottonelle $2 off CAT's! they'll be $.49 with the Q!! waaaaahooo!! tyvm! LOL

Fun times,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Confirmed! 5/19/10-5/25/10

Yaaaay!!! Just got word from the girls on AFC that Super Doubles have been confirmed! Everyone is gathering their Q's and preparing those lists! I'm so glad! We've had two triples these past two months; both times I was hoping for Super Doubles! But, they're here now and I'm like, yaaaay!!

So glad that HT gave us a Super Doubles before the end of the month!! Most of my "good" Q's expire by then!! HOW NICE OF THEM!!!! I do not do coupon matchups here, but if you search the exact, "Harris Teeter Super Doubles 5/19/10-5/25/10" on google, you'll get some nice results I'm sure!!

See ya later to post my deals.
Happy Q'ing!!!,

Food Lion 3-Day Sale!!

I went to Food Lion super early this morning! It was nice to be out so early! Praise God!! Also wanted to say HELLO to all of you! I haven't blogged about my couponing in a lonnggg time! I've still been going, I just haven't posted any of my deals! lol! So good morning and I hope you're doing well!

Here's what I grabbed at Food Lion!:
1 Bounty Basic Paper Towels 6=8 rolls $4.88 ea, less 2 $1 Q's from P&G mailer = $3.88 ea for 6=8 rolls
2 Charmin 9 large rolls 3.88 ea, less 2 $1 Q's (1 P&G mailer, 1 reg mailer) = $2.88 ea!!

This is the second-cheapest I've ever gotten tp! $2.88 for 9 large rolls.

Remember the P&G Mailer we got from a month or so ago? Use those Q's for the Charmin and the Bounty!! :D I really wanted the Tide that's one sale, but I only wanted the Tide Totalcare. Checked today at checkout and they're not included. Still $5.97. That sucks because even without a Q I would have gotten it for $4.88! It's the best stuff ever! :)

I still have two Bounty Q's but wondering if the Bounty Basic is worth it. They are sooo thin. I may not redeem them. $3.88 for 6=8 rolls that are THIN isn't that great of a deal to me. Definitely if they were thicker though!!

Get those sales!,


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