Friday, March 13, 2009

Your E-mails

This e-mail is very important. Thank you to the person who wrote me concerning this matter. This is a must-read. Write me anytime at and/or IM me on Yahoo! Messenger:

[the e-mail]

From: -----
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 1:36:41 PM
Subject: Whitney - I PM you also on CouponMomForum

Can you help me Whitney?

Hi I wrote to you before about "mystery shopping" and surveys. You PM'd me back. Well, I signed up for some surveys and at the end of one (or two) it asked if I would like to be a "mystery shopper". Well today I got an envelope with a letter and a check and a "Company Evaluation/Survey Form. The check is for $3,875.00. I am to keep $400.00, funds for shopping are:$35.00-Walmart, $20.00-Sears,$20.00-McDonald's. $3400.00 for Money Gram. Can you email me, as I can't write alot with PM.

My email is: ----- Put your name in the subject line (Whitney-mystery shopping). I did a Mapquest and it gave me directions for this bank Mellon Bank, Pittsburg, PA Wondering if this is a scam or legit? When I did the Mapquest the bank Mellon Bank at 500 Ross St., Pittsburg, PA 15262 showed up and also gave me a phone number. I tried to call but it says "all circuts are busy".

Also, the check is from the company Time Warner Cable, Shared Service Center, 7800 Crescent Executive Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

The check is made in my name, with date of 03/05/2009, routing numbers, check numbers - looks totally legit - looks like a company printed check.

Do you know anything about this. The company who sent me my letter (dated 03/06/09) is called: MarketStar, Consumer Research Group (Best source for secret shopper employment), 11 Highland Dr. Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

Is this real or a scam?
Please get back to me as what to do.
Thank you Whitney

[my reply]

From: Whitney At Mystery Shoppers Unite
To: -----
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 5:35:23 PM
Subject: Re: Whitney - I PM you also on CouponMomForum

Hi -----,

I am so glad you contacted me before doing this. Yes, it is a scam and I am sorry that you have been a target. Do not do it. I suggest you shred the check. There was something on Dr. Phil about how a woman cashed a check and got scammed out of so much money. Please do not do this. Only shop with companies listed with MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). Their website is here. Either shred the letter or if you want to be proactive, report the scammers to the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Check-cashing scam press release found here.


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