Saturday, March 28, 2009

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons Week

Whenever I can combine my couponing hobby with my mystery shopping, I'm a happy camper. I usually try to schedule my shops according to when items will be on sale and according to when a coupon may expire. By using coupons I get to get more items for my money in addition to getting reimbursed for groceries.

Harris Teeter is tripling coupon values up to $.99 until Tuesday, March 31. I went couponing yesterday (no mystery shop) and check out what I got. I only shop for myself, so it's not a lot of stuff. But, still good stuff :)

2 Wisk Detergent 2x 50oz BOGO $3.75 each - $1.50Q - $1Q = $1.25 for two
2 Dawn Dish Liquid $1 each - 2 $.50 tripled Q's = $1 profit
4 Green Giant Frozen Broccoli & Cheese $1 each - 2 $.60 tripled IPQ's = $.40 total
1 Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry Cereal BOGO = $1.71 each - $.70 tripled Q = $.39 profit
1 Dentyne Ice Gum $1.19 - $.75 tripled Q = $1.06 profit!

Total Spent = $1.02
Total Savings = $29.95

Now, your mileage may vary; meaning that you may or may not be able to re-create the scenario above. Totino's Pizza Rolls 7.5oz are also on sale BOGO $1.15 each - $.35 tripled Q = $.10 each. Both stores I went to are out, but I plan on going back soon.

BOGO = Buy One, Get One
IPQ = Internet Printable Coupon
Q = Coupon

Harris Teeter triple coupon resources:

Coupon Mom
Hot Coupon World

Happy couponing!,

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