Friday, March 6, 2009

Work at Home Opportunities

Opinion Outpost is one of my favorite research panel survey sites. It's legitimate and well worth your time. You get paid to take surveys that last from 5-30 minutes. Most survey panels offer gift cards and rewards, but Opinion Outpost gives nothing but $$, which is perfect. As of October 2010 I have earned $45.30 from just being a regular survey panel member, with $2 in the bank. As an affiliate I have reached $16 and will automatically cash-out at 20 bucks.

Spending more time accepting survey offers will ensure that you accumulate more cash. Opinion Outpost sends the surveys directly to your e-mail and you follow the link to your survey opportunity and begin qualifying! Qualification depends on the retailer/client and if you do not qualify you will be opted out and have the choice between making a quick donation courtesy of Opinion Outpost, a chance at $50 and one other quick option. The length of the survey determines the amount of money you get paid.

You can cash out at any time if you’re a panel member, and the paycheck comes fast. I've been a member for some time now and it is by far my favorite survey site out there. Sign up here if you want to make some extra money!



  1. Hi, I'm from Dallas, US. Nice for sharing knowledge, appreciate it. Interesting & great post. Wish I knew it before..:).
    Keep posting. Certainly you are one of my favorites blog.

    John Abraham

  2. Nice one.

    How are you doing? Thank you for stopping by and taking a second out to write me. Glad you enjoy the blog :) Tell others!



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