Tuesday, March 3, 2009

UPDATES for 3/3/09:
  • The blog premiers today as soon as I can get out the first post! I've already included "Your E-mails," and a "Glossary of Terms" and will continue to add to the glossary of terms post and will create a new post each time for "Your E-mails," so keep 'em coming! :)
  • Be on the lookout for Shopper Stories and Reviews! E-mail your shopper stories/experiences to me at mysteryshoppersunite@ymail.com.
  • This is where the updates end (unless you sign up to receive e-mail updates by messaging me at mysteryshoppersunite@ymail.com). Since the blog is starting, there will not be a need for updates!


Welcome to Mystery Shoppers Unite!,

If you're new, please start at the Feb. 3rd post. Begin following this blog to immediately receive a Mystery Shopping packet. Once you join, e-mail mysteryshoppersunite@ymail.com.


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