Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grab My Button

Free exposure for your blog.

"Buttons Galore from some of the creative best couponing
& frugal lifestyle blogs in the blogosphere."

A different hip and/or creative blog and button will be featured every day. This is a (my) brand new blog that will make an excellent resource for Mystery Shoppers and couponers alike. This new blog caters mostly to a Christian worldview, couponing and related topics of interest.

If you desire your blog and button to be featured, drop a comment or two. Most featured blogs are ones that I have stumbled upon while surfing the blogosphere, so there will always be unique and notable ones with great quality and content.

See you soon,

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1 comment:

  1. are there any mystery shopper sites that DONT require the shopper to pay a fee? I am interested, but don't know which ones are safe and legitimate, and which ones don't require me to pay out money.
    please let me know!


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