Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shopper Stories


"i've been signed up for jancyn since i began mystery shopping practically and yesterday i finally completed my first shop for them. :) it was really fun. i went to visit some apartments... i've never rented an apt so it was funnn touring and such. anywho, it was for $23 and it comes soon via paypal ;)"


"I signed up a few days ago. I am getting flooded with jobs :) If they approve me for 4 jobs I requested, then I will do 4 jobs all in the same day on a Saturday. :D :D 2 Jobs in same area. 2 other jobs in another area, but yet in that area together. "


"I did it! I completed my very first mystery shops. I did two grocery shops with GfK and they were pretty easy. I was nervous at my first one... But, overall it went well and on my second trip I didn't make uneccessary purchases...

I am still awaiting payment via paypal but it takes 2-3 weeks so I'm not worried yet. I have a 3rd shop planned...

I also wrote to a site (forgot the name) about doing more elite shops at restaurants and spas but haven't heard back so I am assuming they weren't impressed. Oh, well. Thanks for telling me about the shops. I hope enough stay in my area that I can do one a week...or even more."


"Thanks! I am looking forward to it :)..My sister is going to join it too :)..she cant believe it's real ..lolol..shop, get paid for it, get refunded and keep items :D"


"Alright, just finished signing up with GfK! My first mystery shop sign up! I'll let you know how it proceeds from here!"


"i'm excited... i nabbed a bonus shop from my scheduler today for $30 extra!!! YAHHHHHHHHHHOO!!!! $31 shop!! :D:D biggest bonus i've gotten for GfK! yipyip!!"


"...Hope all goes well on your jobs :)...It's so much fun to me! I'm a loving it thoroughly!! It'll take a few days and all of sudden the jobs will be rolling in!"


"Here's how much I'm a lov'in my jobs....I did "5 JOBS TODAY" :)...yes I did! YaaaaHooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The above comments are from the social community where Mystery Shoppers Unite started out: couponmom.com. Submit your shopper stories to mysteryshoppersunite@ymail.com or leave a comment below this post].

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