Monday, February 8, 2010

CVS Trip! $3.01 OOP, Rcv'd $18 ECB's.

This was fun, as always!! CVS'ing is always fuunnnn. I just love spending my coupons. So far I have redeemed $2,157 in pure coupons since November 2008. ...and, yes I keep track :) This really is my favorite hobby. BLOGGING is #2 :) :)


5 Thermacare 1ct ($2.49 ea. with raincheck)
**green bag tag**

Total $12.45
less $10 ECB's

= $2.45 OOP + tax, get $13 ECB's from Thermacare with raincheck

2 Starbucks Frapp's ($1.50 ea. with raincheck)
2 CVS Lip Balm $1.29 ea. (filler + needed)
2 Listerine Totalcare 1Liter $5.99 ea., sale $3.99 (update: only 16.9 oz is issuing ECB's. do not attempt)

Total $17.56
less 2 Starbucks Frapp's $1 IPQ's
less 2 Listerine $1 MFR
less $13 ECB's from T1

= $.56 OOP + tax, get $1 ECB from Starbucks, get $4 ECB's from Listerine


Spent $3.01 OOP + tax
Received $18 in ECB's


I'm on Twitter: allthingsgodly

ECB's = Extra Care Bucks
IPQ = Internet Printable Coupon
MFR = Manufacturer Coupon
OOP = Out Of Pocket

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