Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Haul from Old Navy Today, 30% off until 1/30

So I shopped Old Navy today and I hadn't even planned on it. It was major fun, as always, which is why I went, lol. They ended up having a sale, 30% off everything in the store, excluding "denim." Yeah, I scored with that today, I so didn't think there would be any sale.

I got a pair of ballerina peep toe flats that are a light lilac/purple; very sweet and they are super duper cute. I get a new pair of ballerina's like once every blue moon, not often at all because I don't wear them often enough. One long sleeve, but light-fitting sailor blue and white striped shirt, a yellow tank (don't have one, believe it or not), and a navy blue polka dote scarf which is super cute, and a last minute buy. lol, I eyed it at first but didn't pay it much attention, but when I saw someone carrying one as if they were going to purchase it, I couldn't resist, and added it to my things :D She is sooooo pretty, my navy scarf. My favorite colors for clothing and fabric right now are navy, yellow and purple. And, I ended up being attracted to all of these today.

The ballerina peep toes were $15.75 (incl. 30% off discount), the yellow tank and the blue sailor long sleeved striped shirt were both $3.48 each (incl. 30% off discount), and the polka dot scarf was $8.75 (incl. 30% off discount).


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  1. Sounds like a good deal. We have an Old Navy Outlet by me and I found long sleeve tees for $5. I got a pair of cargos for $12 or something. Good deals. I wear that outfit to the gym. Stylish, comfortable, and cheap :)


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