Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great Morning!

Hi Friends!!! Happy September 1!!! Good morning!

What a GOOD Day! I bless Jesus for today!! As you know, I am engaged and yesterday I tried on wedding gowns!! What a treat! This was my second appointment and I was thrilled! I found one I love!

Also, my sis is a new mom and I plan on going to see my new (and first!) niece today! She will be 2 weeks old on Saturday. She's such a darlin grl. I miss her all the time. They stay 30 mins away (which isn't awful), just gotta make time to go see them, as I am in the process of planning a wedding and scouting some jobs!

God is great and I had to bless Him for all of the wonderful things He is doing in my life. He has blessed me to marry a great man of God, and to have all of the desires of my heart. Truly, I am blessed. Thank God for today and I bless Him for YOU!



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