Saturday, January 15, 2011

Abba God, I love You!!

I am so delighted right now. I have been harping on my firstly published Web article all day long. It is so special to me!! This opportunity I have been given. I am so excited, Lord!!! AHHH I cannot stop grinning; grinning from ear to ear and shouting short stanzas of bird-like gladness.

Chirping away, chirping away I am about this publication. Chirping away about how greatly it makes me smile. I see my name in lights, I see your glory shining through. Shining through me, fulfilling me more, and more. For Your glory I write; and for Your glory is my glory. I glory in You for by You all things are completed. OH THE JOY OF THE LORD!!! HE will do great things, splendid things on your behalf. THE JOY OF THE LORD will have you giddy with excitement at the little, yet extraordinary things He brings. He knows how to please you--He knows how to make you smile. If you get where HE is, You will learn what makes Him smile too.

Blessed be the name of GOD my saviour!!!!

God's best,

Re: "I have always wanted to work in a newsroom, since college. And now I have created my own newsroom, in the comfort of my own home." ~Whit


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