Monday, November 29, 2010

Homemaking: Dishwashing Powder

Now, this is a frugal blog, mind you, lol. I ran into this online! I hate spending money on "Cascade" and even toilet paper. lol don't think there are any TP substitutes, but here's a great one for dishwashng powder, lol! Can't wait to try it out-- funnn!!! I've saved and printed this as well.

Use baking soda/vinegar to clean dishes. I have seen tips on using baking soda as a substitute for dish washing liquid or powder but they usually involved adding some other cleaning element as well, and I have seen the use of vinegar for many cleaning uses but I have not yet seen these two in combination.
I had dish powder left over still to use, but I had become frustrated with finding my dishes not clean and the rather expensive dish powder clumped in the receptacle. So, I thought I would give this a try. I loaded the dishwasher with my dishes, and used generic dollar store brand baking soda in the receptacle in the same amount as I would have dish powder and in the rinse receptacle I used plain white distilled vinegar.

My dishes came out sparkling clean, no spots, and no clumps of undissolved cleaner, or residue. No weird chemical smell on my dishes either. I will never go back to the chemical way again. The baking soda and vinegar combo works great. It is much better for my family and the environment as well and the fact that it costs a lot less is just the icing on the cake!
By Cheryl from Smithsburg, MD



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