Friday, December 3, 2010

Near-free Deals at Hallmark! $10/$10, $5/$5

Lots of great promotions going on at Hallmark, glad I was able to get in. The $10 off $10 has been pulled though so only the $5 off $5 is available here, exp 12/5. Should be able to print 2 or more of those.

Sooo I did the rest of my $10/$10 Q's today so that's the last of those. Printed two of these $5/$5 Q's and looks like I'll have to go again on 12/5!!

I decided to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper, gift bows, gift tags (sooo nice, not the sticky kind, these are removable!) and gift bags!!! Might as well, won't have to buy any with my money for a while, hehehe!

Here are my deals:
gift bag $3.49
gift bag $1.49
12 piece gift tags $2.99
8 piece gift bows $2.99
total $10.96, less $10 Q

= $.96 OOP + tax

and from the other week:
2 big rolls christmas wrapping paper $2.99 ea
1 gift bag $3.99
total -$0.03, less $10 Q

= free OOP + tax

The trick is to not buy more than what your coupon is for; ie; $10 off $10 coupon, only buy $10 worth or closest to it and just pay tax.

Also got another $2 coupon for the survey :biggrin::biggrin: so all in all I still have 2 $5/$5 Q's and 2 $2 survey Q's. Yaay :) What did I spend my other $10/$10 coupons on? This gorgeous embroidered pink and green "W" fabric keychain, fillers like tealight candles, and two baby Yankee pumpkin & spice scent candles!



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