Friday, November 26, 2010

Major fun at Old Navy Black Friday 2010!

Just came back from ON (got there around 12:05am) and had to park all the way in the back! lol. At least I didn't have to wait in line or outdoors! Got 2 pair of $5 sleep pants! I've been waiting on these for a while, they are my fave!! The most I've paid for one was about $10, so 50% discount is great! And they had my size!! I'm so grateful they had my size. I've been eying the pink and blue ones for a long time, even looked 'em up online a couple of times. I'm working from home and I'm lounging around a lot and I love it, bless God so now I have 3 pairs. Yaay :) :) Superiorly happy!!

Will have to give a review of these at too. I wanted some really festive ones, so I'd say mission accomplished! If you decide to go today, check the Black Friday ad beforehand (see post #49) and go in with a list.

Here are the ones I got:



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