Saturday, November 6, 2010

My New Duraflame!

I am sooo in love! This is my new baby I ordered from QVC. She's not exactly here yet because I just purchased her on QVC today, but she'll be here soon!! Isn't she so pretty? She's a portable electric stove heater. I call her my "Baby Fireplace," lol. I have actually been eyeing her for two years now. Not this exact model, but a baby fireplace in general. For two years!! Now I finally have her.

This is my very first purchase from QVC. They made it so easy! Four easy payments of $28.75. Thank you Lord I love this little jewel! She comes with a remote control, and it is a metal frame. I really love the craftsmanship here. The fire engine red, the window-esque front, the cut of the legs, the cute hinges and the pretty fire-look with the embers and flames.

If it's an off-season, you can have the fireplace running without heat, just for the ambiance/experience! QVC says it takes less than $.25 of electricity per hour to run. How sweet is that. This almost looks like a mini brick oven or a really expensive novelty item. It has incredible character, very eclectic and that's what I love!

I cannot wait until this arrives, I'm so excited. So glad I got in on this :D My last purchase like this was two years ago (go figure right), when I ordered two super-tall cherry wood bookcases from Office Max. You can see my new Duraflame purchase here!

Loving this!!,


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