Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thanks, Blogger!

Thanks to Blogger, my blog looks 110% better!

Before, we were restricted to two-column blogs. Now look. VOILA! Three-columns!!! I am beyond excited for the new and varied options that Blogger is allowing us. I am so glad to be a member of blogger.com and would never consider switching to a different platform such as Wordpress.

THANK YOU, BLOGGER! The advantages of the three-column template are particularly useful for blogging affiliates and those who like to put their knickknacks on display (ie; widgets, buttons, etc). Another valuable side to this new template option is organization. Your content goes in the middle, and everything else that you would like to share can now be placed on two sidebars.


To experience this new look, just find the “design” tab at the top of your dashboard and get to choosing a template and a color scheme if you’re really good at configuring HTML.

I have decided to go with a cleaner look and I am enjoying it very much. It even makes me want to go out and do some more shopping/couponing just so I can blog about it here. Hehehe.

We've even picked up some new subscribers {RSS} since the switch. Glad that we're making up for the 40+ that we lost when we changed our blog name. Anywho, enjoy this new look-- I am!, And welcome!, :}



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