Sunday, June 13, 2010

CVS, $1 items today!!

I did plan this trip ahead of time though and went out just for it. Two of my fave brand items.

4 Kotex Lightdays 64ct 2/$5
2 Airwick Scented Oils 2/$5

total $15
less $3/$15 Q
less 2 Kotex $2/2 Q's from 5/16 SS
less 1 Airwick $1/2 Q from 5/16 SS
less $1 ECB from green bag tag

OOP = $6 + tax
ECB's Used = $1 [from green bag tag]
Coupons Used = $8 worth (had a $3/$15 Q included).

My fave Airwick scent is "Calming," the pink one. You may have to switch it up from time to time because your nose will get used to the scent. The other I got today, is "Tranquility." It's a very pleasant scent as well. Yay! :)

$1 for Kotex
$1 for Airwick

ty for reading,

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  1. You be finding some great deals!!!where do u get all of these cupons from? lol.... u might need to go shopping for me lol


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