Thursday, January 7, 2010

75% Off Clearance at Food Lion

Uhhhm!! Fall and Christmas items are finally 75% off!
I stashed me a nice bag at customer service while these were 50% off, waiting for the 75% off sale to hit!

They are so pretty, so plush! I lovvvve these things!! Thick enough, deep colors and pretty designs! I got 6 different sets!!! I love them!! See pics (colors are deeper; my flash is on)!

4 Fall Handtowels @ $.75 each!
4 Christmas Handtowels @ $.75 each!
4 Christmas Fingertip towels @ $.37 each!

(I really thought my cam Smartphone took better pics than these, lol! Guess not, teehee!!)

P.S. All of the Fall Harvest clearance items were sold out by the time the 75% off clearance hit! They are soooo adorable!


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