Saturday, January 9, 2010

$.25 Cereal; My Special K Stockpile!

These won't last me nearly as long as I'd like!

Sooo I went back to Harris Teeter yesterday and would you believe that I got the whole Special K Cereal Promotional all backwards? I was assuming it was the same as the Food Lion Deal, buy 5, when I found out eventually that you only had to buy 4 to get the deal! Ugh, I could have had cheaper cereal.


Here are my deals,

Harris Teeter Super Doubles

I was able to get 8 boxes of Special K Red Berries for 25 cents each, versus the last trip where I spent 70 cents each at HT and $1.10 each at Food Lion. I did way better each time, heehe!
  • 8 Special K Red Berries cereal (2 transactions), $.25 each with $5 off promo and 4 $1/2 Q's
  • 1 Heinz Ketchup 20 oz, 17 cents with $.75 Q
OOP, $2.41

To Copy this Deal (lasts until 1/12/10):
  1. Do the forementioned above, and use two of these coupons:
  2. $1 off two coupon from the 1/3/10 Red Plum2 Newspaper Insert, exp. 2/14/10, Kelloggs Special K Cereal 11.4 oz or larger

Glad they had at least one ketchup in stock for me. Quite pleased.

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  1. You get some amazing deals!
    I'm glad that I found your blog and I can't wait to see what you find next. Thank you for sharing!


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