Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glossary of Terms

Here I will just include common words used in Mystery Shopping and denote their definitions.
  • Bonus - A bonus is offered in addition to a shop fee when a scheduler needs a shop completed immediately. Bonuses = Extra money.
  • Certification - This is not necessary to begin mystery shopping, but once you get started it may be something you'd like to look into. There are two types of certification: Silver and Gold. Certifications are recognized as setting shoppers apart. Priority of assignments is given to Silver or Gold certified shoppers.
  • Fee - In mystery shopping, a "fee" denotes what YOU will get PAID. It's not the same as the definition where something costs you.
  • Mystery Shopping - A profession where various companies pay independent contractors (mystery shoppers) to complete an assortment of shopping trips undercover, who pose as regular customers to evaluate customer service and the like.
  • Scheduler - Your "right-hand" man/woman. These people are like your "online boss." They schedule assignments for you whenever you contact them about a bonus shop or a regular shop.
  • Shop - A Shop is a mystery shopping "assignment." An assignment is where you will be completing your undercover work (ie; a grocery store, the mall, etc).

If you're new, please start at the Feb. 3rd post. Begin following this blog to immediately receive a Mystery Shopping packet. Once you join, e-mail

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