Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to...

Brand New Blog as of 2/3/09.
Become an Affiliate.

As soon as you begin following this blog, the sooner I will send you the information on how to get started in Mystery Shopping/List of great and legitimate companies to shop for and links to their websites.

New Blog will include:
  • Tips, suggestions and advice from a seasoned Mystery Shopper. [These will be all of the items listed under the labels "Tips & Advice" as well as "Resources."]
  • How to get started with Mystery Shopping companies that are legitimate. [This will be sent via e-mail as soon as you begin following this blog].
  • Ways to combine couponing with your Mystery Shopping to capitalize on the opportunity to save even more. [These are listed under the label "Couponing + Mystery Shopping"]
  • Interactive activities: "Your Questions: Answered," Monthly Blogger "Show & Tell" with Mr. Linky's, Mystery Shopper [Discrete] Spotlight, Additional success stories from YOU + more.
  • Giveaways
  • & there's even more to come, if you can believe it. My ideas are constantly brewing... you'll see :D

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Not ready to become a member of Blogspot yet?
  • To participate in any giveaways and special incentives hosted by Mystery Shoppers Unite, you must have a blog. These are the rules I am setting forth. [updated 3/1/09 - Also, to receive the shopping information from Mystery Shoppers Unite, you must follow this blog].
  • It can be any Blog, not just Blogspot. But, it must be a Blog.
  • To interactively participate in any Blog [that allows it], not just Mystery Shoppers Unite, but any Blog-- you must own one yourself.
  • You can set up your Blog at Blogger.com.
...Spread the word about Mystery Shoppers Unite... spread it like wildfire! ;) Add my button to your HTML Widget and enjoy! [Copy & Paste HTML code from left-hand side panel].

This is a Blog. Blogs are free. Any company that makes you pay to get started (ie; pay $19.95 for a list of Mystery Shopping companies), don't sign up for it because it's more than likely a scam.


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