Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Incredible Tide Deal @ CVS until 10/12!

My son must be tired of me taking him on these trips! LOL. I love couponing. I also met someone offline (not from AFC) and got 3 adorable cloth diapes ~ But, that's another thread .

4 Tide 2x 50oz $5.99 ea = $23.96

Total $23.96
less $4/$20 CRT from Coupon Machine (yesterday)
less $2/1 Tide MFR
less $5/3 Tide MFR
less $10 ECB's from previous Airwick Deal

= $2.96 OOP + tax! Get $5 ECB's  
This means the Tide cost me $.74 each!

4 Mitchum Deodorant $1.99
1 Colgate Total 4.2oz $2.99
1 Crest ProHealth 1L $6.99
1 Crest ProHealth 250 ML $3.79*

Total $21.73
less $4/$20 CRT printed at the register after my first transaction! 
less 4 $1/1 Mitchum MFR's
less 1 Colgate $.75/1 IP
less 2 Crest $1/1 IP's*
less $5 ECB's from T1

= $5.98 OOP + tax, get $5 ECb's from Crest, get $1 ECB from Colgate
So about $.85 per item in T2 

* My store was out of the 1 liter's so she let me substitute!

Before Coupons: $45.69 + tax
After Coupons: $8.94 + tax
Coupons Spent: ($36.75)
Percent Savings: 80%
Received: Still have $8 ECB's left to spend

I had all of the T2 items on my shopping list, but I had to put this transaction together in-store since a $4/$20 coupon printed! I wanted to get more Tide since the limit is 4, but I figured I needed deo more (just beginning to stockpile after my break again).



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