Friday, October 11, 2013

CVS Trip 10/11 - Milk & Coupons!

Hey guys.

I live here, I am telling you.

I went today for the Tide deal but somehow or another it has ended early? The word was that it ended 10/12. Did anyone else wait late and discover that it no longer works?? I talked to store manager and she called her manager and they are saying that it was an old deal. I told her it was unadvertised and a monthly deal. No go. I also tried to confirm with the 1-800 CVS phone number... they said that if it was a store deal and unadvertised, there is nothing they could do  Good thing I was able to do it once, but I wanted atleast 4 more.

Nevertheless, I pulled together this deal since NO TIDE! 

1 Mitchum Deo $1.99
2 Crest 500ml $5.49 ea
1 Total Home 2-ply 4-roll TP $2.77 (needed)
1 Pet Whole Milk Gallon $3.79 (needed)

Total $19.53
less $3/$15 E-mail Q
less $1/1 Mitchum MFR
less 2 Crest $1.50/1 MFR's
less $5 ECB, $2 ECB, $1 ECB

= $4.53 OOP + tax, get $5 ECB's from Crest Deal, $4/$20 CRT also printed (they LOVE giving me these things, and I love spending them!!)
Or $.90 per item.

First time I tried getting milk. The milk did not count toward the $3/$15 Q because it is excluded.



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