Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stockpile Pictures 2009

My stockpile is growing, lol. I only coupon/shop for myself so I don't need a lot, nor is my stockpile as large as other couponers... and, I'm happy with that :) Also, I (graciously) live with my parents so I do not have to purchase/stockpile groceries as often.

Stockpile Portion 2009; taken August 5, 2009
9 aveeno, 9 glade spray, 9 deodorants, 6 stayfree, 6 playtex, 6 kotex, 4 skintimate, 3 tampax, 3 cvs liners, 3 cvs bw, 3 glade fabric, 3 listerine, 2 summer's eve, 2 purex, 1 always, 1 poise, 1 carefree, 1 caress.

Stockpile 2009; taken August 5, 2009
Picture does not include stuff I'm already using/have given to my parents... imagine that! :)

Fun times,

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