Friday, May 14, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Confirmed! 5/19/10-5/25/10

Yaaaay!!! Just got word from the girls on AFC that Super Doubles have been confirmed! Everyone is gathering their Q's and preparing those lists! I'm so glad! We've had two triples these past two months; both times I was hoping for Super Doubles! But, they're here now and I'm like, yaaaay!!

So glad that HT gave us a Super Doubles before the end of the month!! Most of my "good" Q's expire by then!! HOW NICE OF THEM!!!! I do not do coupon matchups here, but if you search the exact, "Harris Teeter Super Doubles 5/19/10-5/25/10" on google, you'll get some nice results I'm sure!!

See ya later to post my deals.
Happy Q'ing!!!,


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