Friday, May 14, 2010

Food Lion 3-Day Sale!!

I went to Food Lion super early this morning! It was nice to be out so early! Praise God!! Also wanted to say HELLO to all of you! I haven't blogged about my couponing in a lonnggg time! I've still been going, I just haven't posted any of my deals! lol! So good morning and I hope you're doing well!

Here's what I grabbed at Food Lion!:
1 Bounty Basic Paper Towels 6=8 rolls $4.88 ea, less 2 $1 Q's from P&G mailer = $3.88 ea for 6=8 rolls
2 Charmin 9 large rolls 3.88 ea, less 2 $1 Q's (1 P&G mailer, 1 reg mailer) = $2.88 ea!!

This is the second-cheapest I've ever gotten tp! $2.88 for 9 large rolls.

Remember the P&G Mailer we got from a month or so ago? Use those Q's for the Charmin and the Bounty!! :D I really wanted the Tide that's one sale, but I only wanted the Tide Totalcare. Checked today at checkout and they're not included. Still $5.97. That sucks because even without a Q I would have gotten it for $4.88! It's the best stuff ever! :)

I still have two Bounty Q's but wondering if the Bounty Basic is worth it. They are sooo thin. I may not redeem them. $3.88 for 6=8 rolls that are THIN isn't that great of a deal to me. Definitely if they were thicker though!!

Get those sales!,


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