Friday, July 23, 2010

$1 off Post-It Brand Items!

Was visiting the AFC forum and the girls were chatting about back-to-school/office supplies sales and deals. I'm going to be purchasing my brand new office area very soon and need goodies to fill the drawers with, lol! Only kidding. I have a bunch of office items from last years CVS deals and things. Waiting again this year to rack up!!! Going to go check the flier in a sec as well for this coming week.

Anywho, I read often and love Post-Its Flags. They are my favorite. I love the little bright neon ones. I put them on my favorite Bible verses, scriptures, book chapters-- anything that I want to highlight (hence, "neon!") and use them to track/bookmark my offline journaling pages. I am looking forward to searching for these at Office Depot coming up in a few days, Lord willing. They sent us some really good coupons!!

They are a great little treasure to have for organizing! So, here's to the Post-It Flags... a $1 off coupon, good until 9/30/10. Thanks Post-It.


Go here. Far upper right, wait for the coupon slide to appear. You get a .pdf document of six coupons! Click, print and save! :D More coupons for Post-Its are listed at this website too (ie; $2/$10); not just the Flags.



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